For Professional Tradesmen

Tool-belts & Bags

A professional electrician ⚡ needs serious tools and accessories to help him deliver. Our accessories are a must-have that lets you keep all your favorite and most-used tools within arm’s length. 🛠️

Don’t forget about our suspenders that help many professionals across a wide variety of industries and are designed for use with any work belt or tool rig. Perfect for an electrician, carpenter, plumber, contractor, handyman, and farmer. 👨‍🔧👩‍🔧

Get years of service life from every accessory you buy from us. They are made from heavy-duty and durable 600D polyester fabric that will easily survive any work environment. You get your money’s worth from our accessories. 💪💼


Pat's Easy Change System will save you time and hassle. This easy-to-use system is flexible, durable, and affordable! 🕒💪💰 Our system changes lift arms from a standard ball to a hook system, allowing the operator to hook the lift arms to the implement from the tractor. 🚜 It fits over the end of the lift arm (attached by a pin through the ball and a U-bolt for stability).

Pat's Easy Change System is what you need to hook up all your implements without lifting and moving your heavy implements into position for attachment. 🚜🔗 Everything needed to install our system on a tractor is included.

CAT#1 MEASUREMENT: 1-1/2" wide x 4" tall, with a 7/8" hole in the ball of the tractor.
CAT#2 MEASUREMENT: 1-3/4" wide x 4-1/2" tall, with a 1-1/8" hole in the ball of the tractor.

Hear from our customers

  • Electrical Tape

    I was very skeptical of this tape since I have tried prior tapes before, and they have all been worthless. My mom is disabled, and we must keep her rugs in place. We had no problems since we put this tape down.

    ~ Amanda H.

  • Tractor Hitch

    I wanted a quick hitch for my tractor, but all my implements had different widths. This hitch eliminated that problem as it's adjustable. It is well-built and easy to install.

    ~ Anthony C.

  • Tool Backpack

    Price, Comfort, and durability are top-notch. I have owned many bags over the years, and I will stick with these. You have to love a company constantly trying to improve their product.

    ~ Eric P.