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Manic Magnets (2 Pack) swivel hook

Manic Magnets (2 Pack) swivel hook

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Could you use more organization in your life?  Are you tired of all the clutter and mess?  Or maybe you just have a touch of OCD and are hung up on keeping everything super organized?  If so, Manic Magnets, (2 Pack) 50 Lb. Pull Force Swivel Hooks are just what you’ve been looking for!  Our Neodymium Swivel Hook Magnets rotate 360 degrees on their base and move 180 degrees vertically to give you maximum flexibility and functionality in all areas.  They are a great solution to organizing your office, workshop, closets, kitchen, warehouse and more.  Say goodbye to all the mess that can be downright maddening and say hello to Manic Magnets!

  • Perfect for organizing your home, garage, office, closet, kitchen, workshop and much more
  • Rotates 360 degrees on its base and moves 180 degrees up and down for maximum versatility
  • Made of the highest quality Rare-Earth Neodymium Magnet
  • Nickel plated surface has metallic luster and won't get rusty
  • Qty of Two - 50 Pound Pull Force Swivel Hook Magnets
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