Pat's Easy Change System

Pat worked 28+ years as a full-time electrician at a local chemical plant. He trained and competed with border collies in sheep and cattle dog trails and used them to help with farm chores. He still managed to care for his farmland and wanted something that would allow him to work smarter, not harder.

He originally designed Pat’s Quick Hitches to make his life on the farm easier, never realizing the potential the hitches had for so many people. With limited time, he just wanted something to make his farming easier.

After completing his hitches, neighbors and friends saw the advantages and started requesting them for themselves. It was presented to Pat that he should do the whole farming community a favor and share his idea, and we have Pat’s Easy Change System.

Born and raised in Meade County, Kentucky, Pat employs people from his community. Pat offers a great product made with pride by people who are proud to manufacture Pat’s Quick Hitches.

American through and through. All hitches are manufactured right here in Kentucky. Greenwell Manufacturing was founded in 2000 by owner Pat Greenwell.

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