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Manic Magnets (4 Pack) Neodymium N35 Magnets with Nickel Coating

Manic Magnets (4 Pack) Neodymium N35 Magnets with Nickel Coating

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Introducing our 💪 Crazy Strong Neodymium N35 Round-Based Pot Magnet with Nickel Coating—a powerhouse among Rare Earth Magnets and the ultimate solution for various applications. These magnets, known for their unparalleled strength, are currently the most robust magnets on the market. 🌐
  • Crazy Strong Neodymium N35 Round-Based Pot Magnet with Nickel Coating
  • Unparalleled strength as a member of Rare Earth Magnets, currently one of the strongest magnets on the market
  • Metal pot design enhances performance by enclosing the neodymium material
  • Open-side configuration with North and South poles for increased holding power 🧲
  • Versatile applications including mounting, retrieving, lifting, and workshop tasks 🛠️
Encased in a metal pot, these neodymium magnets are designed for optimal performance. The open side features North and South poles, enhancing the holding power for versatile uses such as mounting, retrieving, lifting, or tasks around the workshop. 💼
  • 37.5-pound pull force for reliable and robust performance
  • Countersunk hole accommodates #10 bolt size for secure fastening
  • Convenient center attachment hole allows easy customization with eyebolt, knob, small hook, or preferred fasteners
  • Corrosion-resistant surface finish for durability and protection against atmospheric exposure
Handle with caution to prevent finger pinching or unintended attachment to nearby ferromagnetic objects. This magnet boasts a whopping 37.5-pound pull force, making it a reliable choice for demanding tasks. The countersunk hole accommodates a #10 bolt size, ensuring secure and convenient fastening. ⚠️
  • Caution advised to avoid finger pinching and unintentional attachment to ferromagnetic objects
  • Handle with care to prevent personal injury during use 🚨

The center attachment hole makes customization a breeze—easily furnish the magnet with an eyebolt, knob, small hook, or other preferred fasteners. Our product's corrosion-resistant surface finish provides added durability, safeguarding it against environmental exposure. 🌟

Experience the strength and versatility of our Neodymium N35 Round-Based Pot Magnet, a top-tier solution for your magnetic needs. 💼🌈




  • WARNING: KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. Do not put in mouth or nose. This product contains small magnets. Swallowed magnets can stick together across the intestines, causing serious infections or death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.
  • CAUTION: Persons with pacemakers, defibrillators, or other medical devices should keep a safe distance from magnets, as they may affect the proper functioning of these devices. Consult a healthcare professional if you have concerns about the interaction between magnets and medical devices.
  • IMPORTANT: Avoid placing magnets near electronic devices, credit cards, and other magnetic-sensitive items, as they may be damaged or affected by the magnetic field.
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