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Wall Plate Insulation Gasket (26PK)

Wall Plate Insulation Gasket (26PK)

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Suppose you are looking for a low-cost, efficient, and simple way to save energy in your home. TradeGear Insulated Foam Wall Plate Gaskets are what you are looking for!

Our Polyethylene insulating foam gaskets are designed to create a barrier against the unconditioned outside air while sealing in the conditioned air produced by your heating and cooling system. They are easy to install and energy-saving.

• IDEAL FOR EVERY HOME: Are you looking for a replacement insulation gasket for your home but wondering if it will fit? TradeGear’s gasket replacements have a one size fits all design that offers a universal fit. You are guaranteed that it will fit just like it was made for your wall outlet.

• EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY: Ideal for all around-the-home use and provide you with the best value for your money.

• SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are sure about the quality of our insulating foam gaskets, so we can confidently stand behind them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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