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Single Green Matte (1PK)

Single Green Matte (1PK)

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Need a heavy-duty electrical tape that is industrial strength and perfect for all your professional and DIY projects? You got it! Each roll is 60 feet Long. This heavy-duty electrical tape provides quick insulation for any wiring job. Also, this tape conforms to sharp contours and holds a tight grip for reliable performance.

The tape is multi-purpose such as cable coding and quick identification of electrical phases, circuits, feeders, and branches. Each roll of tape is individually cello-wrapped. It is perfect for any professional or DIY’ers with its superior adhesive material and sticky rubber resin.

Great for all your electrical/wiring needs, such as repairing spliced wires, cable insulation, wire bundling, and a great all-around household tape. The tape type is PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride); it’s an excellent grade of electrical tape because it’s heavy-duty, UL certified, and Suitable for Use at No More Than 600V and 80 Degrees Celsius (170 degrees Fahrenheit).

• HIGH-QUALITY PVC ELECTRIC TAPE: Made from heavy-duty, industrial-grade PVC and is flame retardant, resistant to acids, alkalis, UV, oil, abrasion, and moisture. They have a sticky rubber resin that offers superior adhesive qualities and is UL certified too.

• PERFECT FOR ALL KINDS OF ELECTRICAL WIRING: Whether you are a professional electrician, engineer, or a DIY’er, this electrical tape is just what you need. It is ideal for all wiring projects and repairs, including spliced wires, cable insulation, wire bundling, and more.

• 600V, 80 DEGREES MAX RATING: TradeGear’s flame retardant PVC electrical tape is rated for a maximum of 600 Volt operating voltage and 80 °C (176 °F) operating temperature. This is well within most domestic and industrial ranges, making it safe for all uses.

• EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY: Each tape measures 60 feet by ¾ inches and is 7mm thick. We carry a wide variety of colors, including Black, Red, White, Green, Gray, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Blue, and Pink.

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