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TradeGear Magnetic 3 Point Suspender Bundled with Magnetic Wristband Tool Holder

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  • HANDY FEATURES: Our Magnetic Suspenders also feature a large phone case, chest strap, 3 pencil holders, 3 belt loop attachments, and best of all a magnetic strap to hold small parts.
  • SAVES YOU PRECIOUS TIME: Have you ever spent countless minutes looking for a misplaced tool? Out magnetic wrist tool holder is the third hand that will save you from the constant troubles. It holds all your items within easy reach so you don’t even need to turn around to get them.
  • BUILT FOR OPTIMUM COMFORT: The padded shoulders on these tool belt suspenders feature a moisture-wicking fabric and foam. It is breathable and does an excellent job of cushioning the weight of your tool belt without trapping heat and moisture. It guarantees absolute comfort as your work.
  • A GREAT GIFT FOR ANY WORKMAN: This is the perfect magnetic bracelet for home improvement, auto repair, construction, sewing, carpentry, and any DIY project. It is, therefore, the ideal gift for men, women, dads, husbands, and wives. It will definitely show how thoughtful you are.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE FOR A PERFECT FIT: One size fits most design guarantees you a perfect fit no matter your body build or size. Fully adjustable straps make these the most versatile work suspenders available on the market. There is no going wrong with these.
  • HELPS YOU HANDLE MORE WEIGHT WITH EASE: TradeGear work suspenders let you carry more weight on your tool belt with absolute ease. Designed to effectively take the weight from your waist and hips and evenly distribute it across your shoulders. Work belt sore spots will be a thing of the past with these work suspenders.
  • MORE MAGNETS FOR MORE HOLD: Each wristband has 12 super strong neodymium magnets embedded in it. They surround the whole wrist and provide excellent power for holding all your nails, screws, drill bits, bolts, screwdrivers, and other small tools.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY JOB: These are designed for use with any work belt or tool rig. They are perfect for an electrician, carpenter, plumber, contractor, handyman, farmer, and even law enforcement officers.