Pat's Easy Change with Stabilizer Bar - Best Quick Hitch System On The Market – Flexible, Durable and Affordable (CAT #2 Orange)

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Work smarter, not harder with Pat’s Easy Change System. Let Pat’s Easy Change System save you time and hassle. This easy to use Easy Change is flexible, durable, and affordable! Pat’s Easy Change System changes lift arms from a standard ball to a hook system, allowing the operator to hook the lift arms to the implement from the tractor. It fits over the end of the lift arm (attached by a pin through the ball and a U-bolt for stability). It's all that is needed to hook up to all your implements, without lifting and moving heavy implements into position for attachment. No changes are necessary for the tractor or implements. Everything needed to install on a tractor is included in a set. Additional Information : Category#2 is 1-3/4” wide x 4-1/2” tall, 1-1/8” hole in the ball of the tractor

  • BEST QUICK HITCH SYSTEM ON THE MARKET- Absolutely No Other Quick Hitch Gives You This Much Flexibility For All Your Implements, Category#2 is 1-3/4" wide x 4-1/2" tall, 1-1/8" hole in the ball of the tractor
  • TIME SAVING- No Changes Are Necessary For The Tractor Or Implements
  • FLEXIBLE - Top Link Stays Flexible For Mowers Bushogs and Other Implements
  • DURABLE AND ACCESSIBLE- Implements Not Parked Level Are Easy To Hook Up Accepts Post-hole Diggers
  • AFFORDABLE AND MORE FOR YOUR MONEY- System Comes With 4 Pair of Cat#2 Lynch Pin Washers